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November 2016

1-4 Les Siecles, Paris, London (RFH), Soissons

5-7 ORR Apprentice workshops, chamber music coaching.

8-20 Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique (Paris, Bruges, Zurich, Luxembourg, Eindhoven, Amsterdam

26 Chamber Concert with Daniel Tong, Claire Sterling, Kinnordy


December 2016

5 Les Siecles, Paris

8 Notes Inegales @Club Inegales

10-12 Guest Director, Darmstadt Chamber Orchestra

12-17 Guest principal, Sixteen, Madrid, Valencia


January 2017

2-11 Les Siecles, Paris, Columbia

13-17 Les Siecles, Caens, Soissons, Annecy

21 Chamber concert, Messiaen Quatour, Sasha Rattle, Zeynep Rattle, Miranda Fulleylove, Langton, Dorset

23-27 Les Siecles, Paris, Gstaad

28 Dvorak Concerto with Scottish Sinfonia/Neil Mantle, Edinburgh

29 Dvorak Concerto with Scottish Sinfonia/Neil Mantle, Linlithgow


February 2017

1-6 King's Consort chamber tour, Seville, Madrid, Leon, Burgos, Granada

19 Chamber concert with Miranda Fulleylove, Louise Williams, Beethoven trios, Smedmore

25-26 Les Siecles, Paris

27-March 2, Colin Currie Group, ReichTehillim, Tokyo


March 2017

3-5 Les Siecles Beauvais, Soissons, Paris

8-12 Les Siecles Antony, Nîmes, Versailles

13-19 Chamber Music Festival Zaandijk, Holland

27-31 Les Siecles Paris, Monte Carlo, Amiens


April 2017

3-9 2nd Kinnordy Chamber music festival, co-artistic director with Daniel Tong. 

22 Chamber concert with Miranda Fulleylove and Robin Green, Brahms, Schumann, Creech Grange

24-29 Chamber concerts with Shunske Sato and Shuann Chai, Schuman and Netzer trios, Innsbruck

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